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  • Successful start up of the biogas plants in

    Successful start up of the biogas plants in

    Mezdra, Bulgaria

  • Biogas technology

    Biogas technology

    „Made in Germany“

  • Modern agriculture depends on

    Modern agriculture depends on

    yours own power production

  • Gas processing technology

    Gas processing technology

    or flexible use of energy

  • Better use

    Better use

    of the land potential …

  • Biogas plant in Castro - PR

Energy production from animal wasteConceitos 4

USA: New Hope Dairy, Galt/California

  • Use of cow manure for biogas production
  • Renewable energy for about 240 homes
  • Better management of animal waste
  • Reduction of greenhouse gases

Energy production from pig slurry

and food waste

Brazil: Castro – Paraná

  • Generation of up to 300 kW
  • Use of food remains, vegetable residues and pig slurry

Energy production from agricultureConceitos 5

Germany:  Agrogas & Wärme, Malstedt

  • Production of biomethane from biogas
  • ower generation and supply of heat to the nearby village and farmers (1.25 MW + 350 Nm3 / h of biomethane + heat)
  • Maximum use of the potential of each substrate