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    Win - Win

    sustainable success

The industrial processing of biogas to biomethane makes the energy available for almost any further type of use. Biomethane can be fed into the gas grid or used as fuel (CNG) for vehicles. MT-Energie processing technology is standardised and compatible with existing systems so that sewage and landfill gas can also be processed. The gas quality can be controlled to the customer’s final product in the upgrading process depending on requirements thus leading to optimum cost/benefit ratio. The byproduct CO2 can also be directed to a further use.


Biogas upgrading plant (amine)Conceitos 3

  • Production of biomethane in natural gas quality
  • Highly efficient technology
  • German know-how
  • Profitable

Biogas processing plant (membrane)Conceitos 2

  • Three-stage filtration
  • 98% product purity
  • Only 0.5% loss of biomethane
  • Minimum energy consumption