What is biomethane?

Methane is a colourless, apolar gas with a tetrahedral molecular structure. It is very slightly soluble in water and highly combustible in combination with oxygen.
It is the simplest hydrocarbon.

Kilometers gone by car
with energy from one hectare

Metano Chart

1. Substitute for natural gas (low price)
2. Sustainable production


Formula: CH4
Density: 0.66 kg / m³
Molecular weight: 16.04 g / mole
Melting point: -182 °C
Boiling point: -161.5 °C
Classification: alkane

Biomethane is produced by processing biogas and is highly efficient compared to the production of other forms of energy. For example, 4,650 m³ CH4 can be produced from 45 t maize silage. This corresponds to approx. 4,600 l petrol or 5,240 litre Diesel.