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The European, especially the German market is much developed in the field of biogas. The employees of our company have many years of experience in the planning and execution of biogas projects, so that we see ourselves as a specialist in the transfer of the know-how into new markets.  
Eco GmbH offers customers above-average profitable and efficient solutions. The service we offer does not only comprise the development, planning and construction of biogas plants, but also corresponds to full-scale technical and biological services. Eco GmbH primarily implements turn-key biogas plants together with local partners, as well as innovative technologies for gas upgrading and CNG.


Biogas technology

The biogas technology is based on a two-stage, continuously driven process. This normally requires three tanks: a digester, a second digester and a residue storage. The atmosphere in the digesters is virtually oxygen-free, where the substrate has a constant temperature in the mesophilic range (40-42°C) and a neutral pH (6.7- 7.5). The plants are designed individually with standard components; whereby emphasis is placed on the parameters retention time and loading rate of the substrate, so that the plants are subsequently run at their maximum efficiency. Basically, any organic material can be used as a substrate.
This includes waste from the foodstuff industry or agriculture, organic fertilisers or renewable resources.

Project development and implementation

We provide qualified advice on site during the planning phase to ensure that your biogas system is tailored exactly to your needs and situation. We draw up budget plans and calculate the profitability in advance to analyse the profitability and liquidity of a biogas project. We collaborate with selected local partners when it comes to planning, adaption to local conditions, and the construction of the biogas plant. You will be provided with proven biogas technology; from the solid feeding system to air-supported cover and plant control system, which guarantee your system performation. Our ‘lean’ way of construction keeps investment costs as low as possible and also provides safe and low maintenance operation.

Commissioning and training

Handling a biogas plant requires a great deal of experience.
Without any questions, it is a challenge for the operator to put a new biogas plant into operation. Therefore we support and train you to a great extent during this phase.

The following topics have priority:

  • PC-supported plant control
  • Safety in a gas-producing plant
  • Biological backgrund knowledge of the digestion process of various substrates
  • The start-up process

Technical service

A biogas plant is a complex technical system that does not work at its optimum without regular servicing. We put high priority on supporting plant operators after the construction of their plants. For each of our customers, we create a service concept based on his conditions and his country-spefic aspects in order to respond quickly and meet high customer satisfaction. Preventative servicing allows scheduled maintenance to be carried out and ensures high availability of the biogas plant. We can log into your plant at any time from our company headquarter and  our partner companies. This allows us to retrieve protocols and localise malfunction messages.

Thanks to the remote diagnosis, our experts are able to provide you with targeted assistance and solutions for plant operation so that your biogas plant is running again as soon as possible. This will save time and money.

Your benefits:

  • High level of plant availability
  • Scheduled maintenance intervals
  • Optimised biogas plant power yields
  • Safety based on the service control centre 24/7
  • Advice and support for the plant operator

Supervision of the biological process

The deciding factor for the success of a biogas plant is the functioning biology. Profitability is closely linked to the stability and performance of the digestion process – regardless of the substrates used. In addition to the regular biological analysis, we also provide additional analyses according to your requirements:

  • Dry substance determination (DS), organic dry substance determination (oDS), acids, electric conductivity, as well as ammonium (NH4-N) and total nitrogen content
  • Package of plant-available nutrients: dry substance, total N, NH4-N, P2O5, K2O
  • Analysis of the most important trace and major elements (dry substance, Mg, P, S, K, Ca, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Se, Mo, Zn)
  • Microscopic examination of digestion substrates

Gas upgrading technology

With the membrane technology, we offer an electrically powered biogas upgrading process in demand-driven performance classes which are especially appropriate for projects with the aim of CNG production. For the generation of biomethane, the raw biogas is dried energy efficiently and desulphurised. Carbon dioxide, which reduces the fuel value, is separated out via a membrane. This is achieved using SEPURAN®Green membrane modules produced by Evonik. These consist of several thousand extremely fine hollow fibres whose ends are embedded in resin, bundled in stainless steel tubes.

The components for the individual process steps are installed in closed containers. The proven modular construction allows to design any plant corresponding to individual performance requirements of the operator. Depending on the respective application, any number of modules can be combined in a chain.