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Foto2 Bulgarien

Successful start up of the biogas plants in Mezdra, Bulgaria

Eco Erneuerbare Energien GmbH in cooperation with the Bulgarian investors Malinovets Energy LTD (1,2 MWel) and Tsarevets Energy LTD (1,2 MWel),have successfully commissioned their biogas plants after 6 months of construction works.
The two companies have joined forces and in the future the installations will jointly produce 2,4 MW of electricity. The input substrates are mainly cattle manure and cattle slurry, as well as maize silage, which come from farms of the surrounding 7 villages. This optimal use of substrates is an important contribution to implement sustainable recycling economy and generate "green energy".
The Mezdra region is one of the weakest regions of Europe. All the more gratifying that all construction work could be carried out from local companies. Thereby these biogas plants has contributed to the strengthening of the regional economy.

Foto1 Brasilien

New  biogas plant in Erechim-RS Brazil

Eco Energia do Brasil (Eco Erneuerbare Energien GmbH), signed with the company Olfar Alimentos e Energia a contract for the construction of a biogas plant.
The biogas will be produced using the waste generated in the industrial production process as a substrat. The biogas will be used as a raw material to supply the thermoelectric system of the company and will contribute to the growth of the energy potential of the company and stimulate their economic and sustainable development.

News Griech final








Construction of a 500 kW biogas plant in North Greece

The company ABAX IKE (ΑVΑΤΟ ΒΙΟGAS XANTHI Ι.Κ.Ε.) begins to build a biogas plant together with ECO GmbH. The installed electrical capacity of 500 kW is going to be realised in the region of Xanthi, city Avato, Northern Greece.

The ABAX team consists of very enthusiastic engineers, which participate actively in the construction project. The cattle farm "Kotopoulos SIA & OE" is especially intensely involved in investment. It will be connected to the plant and provide the most raw materials required. Further needed raw materials will be provided by other neighboring farms, whereas the residues can be used as fertilizers.

Furthermore, electricity is generated from the biogas, which will be sold to the Greek Power distributor (DEDDIE).


 Korea 2


1 MW biogas plant construction in South Korea

Eco Erneuerbare Energien GmbH and the company Korea  Biogas  Co., Ltd. are building a biogas plant with a capacity of 1 MW in the city "Gimje" in South Korea. The project was developed with the involvement of all adjoining farms, which provide the substrate materials (pig manure, chicken manure). The farms are organized by a common association, and are going to make use of the heat and nutrients from the biogas plant in the future. In addition to the biogas technology  and the energy production by a 1 MW engine (GE Jenbacher), the odor treatment and the transportability of the digestate is of great importance in this project, so that the innovative drying system for the digestate (EnergyCo2mpany) will play a significant role.


26.11. - 28.11.2014
 -Renex - Rio Grande do Sul





30.08. - 07.09.2014
Renex - Rio Grande do SulExpointer -
Rio Grande do Sul



Biogas PLant in Castro - Paraná

Castro Ztg






28.04. - 02.05.2014
- Agrishow - Sáo Paulo

Agrishow 2